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Upholstery Fabrics

Choose from 1000's of fabrics, colors and prints

Cristina Marrone > Jacquard Collection > Amore
Amore is a new generation of Easy Care Jacquard Velvet. The very latest dyeing techniques are employed together with the fabric being finished with a crushed appearance.
Cristina Marrone > Collections > plain > Uffizi
Uffizi is a new generation of fabrics consisting of a herringbone jacquard design and coordinating plain. The very latest dyeing techniques are employed together with the fabric being finished with an irregular distressed appearance.
Cristina Marrone > Jacquard Collection > Maestro
Maestro is a stunning new collection of printed velvet upholstery fabrics. The name Maestro means master, and these prints have been inspired by some of the Old Masters of Art, such as Rembrandt Gauguin and Goya.
Cristina Marrone > Plain Collection > Milano
Milano is a collection of vegan faux leathers in classic shades. This collection is featured within the Misto book.
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Dolce
Dolce is a new generation of easy care velvet with a distinctive strie design. The very latest dyeing techniques are employed together with the fabric being finished with a crushed appearance.
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Misto
Misto fabrics are high quality and built to last, meaning that the Misto collections suit any upholstery work, whether that be in hospitality settings like hotels, bars and restaurants or domestic sofas, curtains and cushions.
Cristina Marrone > Jacquard Collection > Extravaganza
The Extravaganza collection offers 3 contemporary designs complemented by a fabulous plain, all in a luxurious range of colours
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Ombra
Ombra is a stunning distressed velvet available in 26 colourways
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Toro
With a flawless grain pattern and sumptuous voluminous feel, our new manufacturing process revolutionises durability with the surface being extremely resistant to scratching and marking.
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Maximo
Maximo is a very high quality supple faux leather with a degree of pressure relief and can be used in the following situations; domestic, leisure, contract, marine, healthcare and outdoor. It is soft and supple to the touch, colours have been selected to enhance any interiors.
Cristina Marrone > Jacquard Collection > Amore
Murano is a luxurious collection of chenilles, boasting 4 contemporary designs
Cristina Marrone > Plain Collection > Destino
A luxury collection of easy clean velvet weaves
Cristina Marrone > Collections > Plain > Ombra
Supremo is a fine faux leather, available in 21 colours
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Canopies & Awnings

Used indoors & outdoors

Made to Order

Curtains & Blinds

Choose from various range of fabrics and materials


Depending on the material, colour and design of your curtains, your home can instantly become more sophisticated  just by adding the appropriate set of curtains. Opting for elegant fabrics such as velvets or prints is a simple way to amplify the rooms level of classiness.

Whether the curtains elicit the look and feel that you have in mind depends on the type of curtains that you put up, he choice of fabric and it’s length, thickness and pattern all make a huge difference to the space.

Repairing Services

Minor Repairs

Heal your broken furniture



The cushion over the sofa gives a more attractive look, they should be cleaned every few days. If you face the problem of cushion sagging CK UPholstery can help you restore the cushions to its former lustre. 


Upholstery frame is the most expensive and main segment of the Sofa, once it gets broken, it is hard to fix them. Even the upholstery repair service takes much time and money. But if you want to save your money and time you can call an expert from CK Upholstery, we come to your doorsteps and inspect the sofa and fix them asap.


 The spring is an object that keeps the sofa in an intact condition. Thus, if you feel that your sofa has lost firmness, you can call an expert from CK Upholstery,  to fix the furniture.

Restoring Services

Furniture Transformation

Giving new life to your old furniture

Sofa - Before Images BEFORE
Sofa - After Images AFTER
Diwan Refurbished - Before Image BEFORE
Diwan Refurbished - After Image AFTER
Sofa Restoration Before | CK Upholstery BEFORE
Sofa Restoration After | CK Upholstery AFTER
Sofa - Before BEFORE
Sofa - After AFTER
Sofa - Before BEFORE
Sofa - After AFTER
Chair Restored - before & after Images
Sofa - Before After Images
Easy Chair - Before After Images


Many of us have certain furniture pieces that we are particularly fond of. Over the years we have it in our homes and many homeowners form a special kind of bond with their furniture.

Whether it be the first couch you were ever able to buy brand new or an heirloom piece that was handed down to you from your parents or grandparents. Wherever you got your furniture from, when it begins to look old and worn, many homeowners are confronted with a tough decision: how to dispose of the furniture which was a part of so many memories?  Here is where CK Upholstery comes in. We keep the frame of the old furniture intact while restoring the outer are completely, made to specification.