Furniture Restoration

The conservation and restoration of wooden furniture is an activity dedicated to the preservation and protection of wooden furniture objects of historical and personal value. When applied to cultural heritage this activity is generally undertaken by a conservator-restorer.

Furniture conservation and restoration can be divided into two general areas: structure and finish.

Structure generally relates to wood and can be divided into solid, joined, and veneered wood.

The finish of furniture can be painted or transparent. Furniture has existed throughout all the years of human existence.

Furniture that is very dated or is an antique can be conserved or restored so that future generations may also enjoy them for cultural, educational and personal benefit.

There are many organizations and guidebooks that can be used to understand the techniques that are used to conserve and restore furniture.

Furniture restoration is the work of returning to a state of beauty and functionality an item of furniture which has lost one or more important elements.

These elements could be clarity or integrity of finish, or a structural, decorative or mechanical element.

Additionally, the intention of restoration is that the state of beauty or functionality returned to should be as much like its original state as possible.

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